Lighthouse Point RESORT condos opened late 2009 and was the recipient of the Governor’s Certificate of Excellence in Sustainability and the Environment. Built in old-world Caribbean style, the Resort celebrates the maritime heritage of this seafaring nation, the Cayman Islands. Built of sustainable materials with a large recycle content, the Resort stands proud on the ocean’s edge with a dock on-site, BBQ for guests use, outdoor dive lockers, and is home to Divetech dive shop and VIVO Restaurant.

Lighthouse Point RESIDENCES opened in 2020, complimenting the Resort with the addition of 12 condos, a natural sea pool for ocean access that is teaming with marine life, and a large pool deck and freshwater infinity pool, cleaned with a salt-generation system. The Residences include an elevator and 30’ span of sliding patio doors on the balconies in the condos, opening the to the Caribbean Sea with outdoor dive lockers and a BBQ on the deck.

Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences are a luxury eco-friendly resort in an area of stunning natural beauty. Whether you love to dive, snorkel or just be on the Caribbean Sea, Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences are the perfect location for your Cayman vacation.

The Resort is located in the charming district of West Bay, just a short drive from the world famous Seven Mile Beach and 1 mile from West Bay Beach. West Bay offers a quieter and more local experience of Grand Cayman while still providing close access to all the best restaurants and shopping the island has to offer.


Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences offer 1, 2 and 3-bedroom condos, with a matching number of bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining room and private patios in each condo.

The designer kitchens include a fridge/freezer, microwave, in-sink garbage disposal, dishwasher, toaster, coffee maker, pots/pans, dishes & utensils, and paper/cleaning supplies. In the closet is a full-sized washer and dryer with laundry soap and shampoo, conditioner and body wash are stocked. Housekeeping service is weekly, and also available during your stay if desired for $20US per hour.

A TV with cable service as well as hi-speed fiber Internet is included. The condo has central A/C and overhead fans in each room. Private balconies are ideal to watch the sunsets and offer excellent breezes if you want your A/C off.

Condo 1, 5, 6 and 7 only: In-glass blinds are on all windows. Pull gently up/down on the longer lever to tilt them open/close or pull a bit harder to open them right up. Please do NOT touch the small tabs on the windows.

Residences: You will find blind remote controls in your condo to make your blinds positioned at a comfortable level for the time of day. Condo 101, 201, 301, 104 only: You will find a remote control for your chandelier, offering dimming and shades from white to amber light. All condo at the Residences have remote control fans in holders on the walls.

Tap water is clean, safe, and made from the ocean at the island’s desalination plant.

Recycle bins are located on the ground floor for glass, tin/aluminum, plastic and batteries that we encourage you to use. The dumpster for garbage is located near the road. You will find 2 bins in your kitchen cabinet for recycle and garbage.

You will find an assigned parking spot undercover (Condo #2-#9). Please park in your assigned parking spot. For condos 101 – 304, please park in any ‘reserved’ parking spot.

An outdoor gas BBQ is provided on the turf area at the Resort and on the pool deck at the Residences. Please clean your grill after use and re-cover the BBQ once cool.

A dive locker for wet gear is on the ground floor, with your condo # on it. The key to the padlock to the locker and the pool is in your condo on a hook by the door. Please leave your keys in the condo at check out time. There is a $20US charge for any missing keys.


Condos are a great choice to keep you and your family safe. The safety of you, our guest and our staff are always our highest priority. Here's what we're doing to ensure that our vacation rentals meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning.

We're actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation based on updates from the World Health Organization, the Cayman Department of Tourism guidelines and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and will continue to respond based on the best advice of governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals.

Quality assurance and maintenance: Inspected property for compliance with cleaning, safety and maintenance protocols prior to each guest arrival. Ensured the overall health, safety and quality of each property with routine preventative maintenance, including testing of mechanicals, maintaining appliances, testing smoke and CO detectors, and confirming access to fire extinguishers.

Trained Professionals: Our team of housekeeping professionals follow protocol and always look for ways to improve upon their craft.

Proper PPE Usage: All housekeepers and inspectors wear protective masks and gloves when cleaning the condos.

Linens and bedding:All linens, towels and laundry are cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines between each guest stay.

Overall Cleaning and Disinfecting: Disinfected and sanitized high-touch surfaces at our property. This includes wiping down any and all items that guests, owners and service-providers come into contact with, including keys, doorknobs, tabletops, appliances, electronics, and light switches. As well as sanitized soft surfaces and upholstery.

Re-washed Dinnerware: Housekeepers re-wash all dinnerware, including dinner plates, glasses, coffee cups and silverware, between arrivals.


Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences are a quiet property to be enjoyed by guests and owners. Your condo is very soundproof, but we ask for quiet time between 9pm and 8am please.

Payment in full is due upon reservation.

Cancellations are accepted 30 days prior to check-in with a full refund. An alternate date for your reservation may be made if you need to cancel within 30 days, with a 75% credit applied to the alternate reservation, except for blackout dates. For blackout dates, there are no cancellations or credit offered within 30 days of your reservation.

It is against the Law to touch or take any corals, shells, etc. (dead or alive) from the ocean or beach. It is against the law to take anything from the ocean.

You are responsible for any damage to the condo. Normal minor breakage (such as a glass or the like) is not perceived as damage.

Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences are non-smoking properties. A $300US cleaning fee will be charged for smoking in the condo.

Please clean your lint vent before using the dryer. Clothing will dry faster and it helps the environment! Do not wash towels with any colored items.

Please do not put any citrus, onions peels, hard shells or broken glass in the garbage disposal.

Please turn your exhaust fan on in bathrooms with bathing or showering to prevent humidity.

Do not lock yourself out on the patio! Make sure your door lock is open before closing patio doors.

Please be conscious of other guests when using water on your balcony. You may NOT use your patio hose between 7am and 9pm daily. (Except ground floor units) Divetech provides a rinse tank at their shop at the Resort.

Please turn your A/C up (or off) when you leave for the day and turn the A/C off if you have your doors and windows open to the gentle ocean breezes. Help us be energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. Your condo is well insulated and will cool down quickly. The high efficiency A/C needs a few minutes to get up to speed so please wait. Continuing to turn the A/C down will only reset the timer and cool slower ~ so give it a minute! If your condo has a HOLD button on the A/C controller, set your desired temperature and press HOLD to make it set.


The condos are self-check in. Once you arrive, you can go to your condo and get settled in. If you are diving, you can then head to the dive shop for check in. The dive shop is open 7:30am – 5:00pm daily. For your condo, check in time is 3pm, check out time is 10am. Please note that times for check in and out are adhered to. If you would like an earlier check-in or later check out, we will do our best to accommodate you if at all possible.


You will find a Reserved Condo parking spot for your condo. At the Resort, please park in your assigned condo #. At the Residences, choose any available Reserved parking spot. Please be considerate and park straight between the lines. The northern parking spot by the Maintenance Building is reserved for electric cars.


There is an outdoor locker on the ground floor for wet gear. Please leave your wet dive/snorkel gear in the locker. The key to the lock is hanging in your condo, on a hook near the door. Please leave your key in the condo at checkout time. There is a $20US charge for any missing keys.


Your Pin Code will be sent to you 3 days before your arrival by email. Please ensure your door is locked when you leave the condo.


The fresh-water infinity pool is open from 9am until 6pm. Please observe the posted rules. For access to the freshwater infinity pool, your PIN Code will be sent to you 3 days before arrival.


High speed internet is provided in your condo. Your logon and password will be sent to you 3 days before arrival. If you are at the dive shop, restaurant or pool and you cannot log onto your condo WIFI please use the LHP Guest account, no password is required.


If your TV cable does not come on (no signal), press the INPUT button on the remote TV control and switch to TV setting (HDMI 3). To change channels, use the LOGIC remote controller.


CUISINE: In addition to on-site VIVO restautrant, you will find a wide range of options catering to any palate. A few that are near you in West Bay include Macabuca / Cracked Conch, Alfresco’s, Catch and Ristorante Pappagallo, and for authentic Caymanian food, check out the weekend local BBQ’s and fish fry’s around the area, Liberty’s Restaurant and Heritage Kitchen, which is a great place for fresh caught local fish and fish soup – not to be missed!

ATTRACTIONS: On top of world class diving and snorkeling from your doorstep, check out the antique Cayman Motor Museum, Barker’s Natural Marine Preserve, Cayman Spirits Company for local rum and tours, Captain Marvin’s Fishing, ex-USS Kittiwake Wreck dive/snorkel, Camana Bay shopping and dining and the Port of Georgetown for duty free shopping.

For KIDS you can also try diving, Black Pearl Skate Park, Little Monkey’s, Motions Gym, jet ski & banana boat rides, world famous Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Turtle Center and world-famous Stingray City/Sandbar!

GROCERIES: Foster’s supermarket is just down the road towards Georgetown, with a larger Foster’s located at Camana Bay. Further into town, you’ll find Kirk Market at the light in Georgetown, with the largest selection of organics, international and local cuisine. ALL ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. You can pre-order and have your groceries delivered from Kirk Market. Email a list of groceries (brands, quantity and flavors) 48 hours prior to your desired delivery date to

ADULT BEVERAGES: Enjoy your vacation and have your beverages delivered to your condo. Free delivery over $50. Check out for options including beer, wine and spirits from Cayman Spirits Company local distillery.

BOATS: Divetech's three custom dive boats Atamyway (16 divers) Atatude (16 divers) and Atagirl (12 divers) run on a daily basis to provide two-tank trips in the morning then a selection of one or two-tanks in the afternoon.

SHORE DIVING: Just off Lighthouse Point Resort location lies one of the best shore diving sites in the world. Known for its great visibility, rich marine life, and easy access, the Lighthouse Point shore location is great location for divers of all levels and abilities. Visit the Guardian of the Reef, the mini wall, the deep wall and the coral nursery.

ex-USS KITTIWAKE Wreck: The USS Kittiwake is Grand Cayman’s most impressive wreck and is a “must do” for divers and snorkelers visiting the island. The fascinating story of this 251’ vessel continues to evolve. Following 50 years of active service in the US navy as a submarine support vessel, the Kittiwake was sunk near Seven Mile Beach to make an artificial reef and playground for divers. In 2011 the decommissioned ship was successfully situated underwater in an almost perfectly upright position, six years later however, the power of mother nature repositioned the wreck by lying it on its port side. Whether you have dived the Kittiwake before or want to make your first ever wreck dive, the new angle is guaranteed to deliver an outstanding experience.

STINGRAY CITY: Possibly one of the world’s most enjoyable 12’ dives, Stingray City is an absolute must do for all visitors to Grand Cayman. Divetech runs trips out to the dive site where you can kneel down in the sand, swim around and enjoy the spectacle of an abundance of southern stingrays swimming all around you. And it’s not just the rays that you can find here, the schools of snappers, jacks, sergeant majors & tangs against the backdrop of beautiful coral heads really make you feel like you are sitting in an aquarium.

DIVE SCHOOL: Ready to dive or explore the next level? Divetech offers training for kids to adults, from recreational to technical including rebreathers.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Improve your underwater photography and video skills in small group sessions with our in-house photo pros.

Divetech is Women Owned and Operated by Joanna Mikutowicz


The artwork at Lighthouse Point Residences is original, inspired by the ocean and created by Ron G. Steven, known as Rogest. From the individual condo numbers to the road sign, to panels adorning the walls, you’ll be inspired by the creativity of these pieces of art.

Rogest is an artist, an educator, and avid diver and an environmentalist. He has been a long-time friend of Lighthouse Point and Divetech, and we are honored to showcase his latest masterpiece.

Ron G. Steven grew up in England and the BVI. He now lives and works in British Columbia, Canada. As a child he felt starved for art and music despite being surrounded by the great beauty of the oceans of the Southwest UK and the Caribbean. His surroundings at a young age inspired his passion for art.

Rogest is a self-taught artist which has led to the opportunity to study under one’s own imagination. This has set his foundation as an artist and throughout his early years forced him to be creative.

After many years of painting in acrylics, Rogest is now creating and experimenting with abstracts in various mediums. There is a freedom and personal expression with abstraction that has given him the courage to explore the many facets of who he might be.

He is deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. Without the representational, one can just create, tell a story, make an observation; it’s exciting.

Rogest and his work today is a bold mix of styles, ranging from dotty marine art and contemporary to weathered and organic. His work is featured in strange places and private collections worldwide.


The Guardian of the Reef is a 13’ tall bronze statue, sitting at 60 feet on the ocean floor off of Lighthouse Point Resort & Residences shore.

Dedicated to Ocean Conservation, the Guardian stands tall protecting the marine environment and welcomes divers and snorkelers to visit this pristine underwater world.

The Guardian is a world-wide limited edition of just four bronze castings, each signed, numbered and dated by the sculptor. He stands13 feet tall above the base that secures him to the seabed. The first casting was placed on a reef in front of Lighthouse Point in West Bay, Grand Cayman by Jay & Nancy Easterbrook (previously of Divetech) on April 14th, 2015. This installation has been a huge success, with over a thousand divers visiting in the first month after the sinking, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Created by Canadian sculptor Simon Morris who is a Signature Member of the Artists For Conservation Foundation, a global organization of 500 wildlife artists dedicated to the use of their art to raise funds for environmental organizations.


(US & Canada) 1 833 926-5658

Divetech @ Lighthouse Point (7:30am-5:00pm) 1 345 949-1700

Divetech After Hours Emergency: 1 345 926-7935

Emergency: 911

Recompression Chamber: 911 or 1 345 949-2989

DAN Emergency Hotline: 1 919 684-8111

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