Diving, Snorkeling and enjoying the ocean at Lighthouse Point Resort

Boat Diving ~ Divetech's three custom dive boats Atamyway (16 divers) Atatude (16 divers) and Atagirl (12 divers) run on a daily basis to provide two-tank trips in the morning then a selection of one or two-tanks in the afternoon.

All dive boats are half shade and half sun, with camera tables, freshwater shower, separate camera and mask rinse buckets on board. We always have two instructors to guide your dives if required, or you can dive in a buddy team on your own if you prefer. Towels, fresh ice water and fruit are provided.

All boats are fully equipped with emergency oxygen, full first aid kits, marine VHF radios, life jackets and fire extinguishers in the very unlikely event that they should be needed. We can supply air or nitrox in 50, 63, 80 or 100 cuft tanks.

Shore Diving ~ Just off Lighthouse Point Resort location lies one of the best shore diving sites in the world. Known for it’s great visibility, rich marine life, and easy access, the Lighthouse Point shore location is great location for divers of all levels and abilities.

Only 300 feet west of our dock lies the mini wall, a well-defined 40-foot ledge abundant with a variety of corals and reef fishes. The top of the ledge sits at around 35 feet, and drops sharply off to 70 feet or so. It is here divers will encounter the Guardian of the Reef statue – a 17 foot tall bronze statue dedicated to ocean conservation.

Swimming another 300 feet west, divers will encounter the main wall, with its spectacular drop off into the abyss. Tops of the main wall coral reach as shallow as 40 feet, with dramatic canyons running out to the deep. A reference line in the sandy patch between walls aids in navigation to and from the main wall.

ex-USS Kittiwake ~ The USS Kittiwake is Grand Cayman’s most impressive wreck and is often regarded as a “must do” for divers and snorkelers visiting the island. The fascinating story of this 251’ vessel continues to evolve. Following 50 years of active service in the US navy as a submarine support vessel, the Kittiwake was sunk near Seven Mile Beach to make an artificial reef and playground for divers. In 2011 the decommissioned ship was successfully situated underwater in an almost perfectly upright position, six years later however, the power of mother nature repositioned the wreck by lying it on its port side. Whether you have dived the Kittiwake before or want to make your first ever wreck dive, the new angle is guaranteed to deliver an outstanding experience.

Stingray City ~ Possibly one of the world’s most enjoyable 12’ dives, Stingray City is an absolute must do for all visitors to Grand Cayman. Divetech runs trips out to the dive site where you can kneel down in the sand, swim around and enjoy the spectacle of an abundance of southern stingrays swimming all around you.

And it’s not just the rays that you can find here, the schools of snappers, jacks, sergeant majors & tangs against the backdrop of beautiful coral heads really make you feel like you are sitting in an aquarium.

Rebreather Diving ~ Divetech is the largest rebreather facility in Grand Cayman and has been supporting closed & semi-closed circuit divers since 2003. We are not just rebreather-friendly, we are rebreather fanatics! On staff, we have several rebreather instructors and guides to assist you topside and guide you on longer or deeper Cayman dives. Not certified but interested in rebreather? Do a try-dive with one of our instructors, or rent a rebreather to take a certification class.

Scooter Diving ~ Why swim when you can scooter! Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV’s) to give them their formal name, enable the user to cover a greater distance while using less energy. The kind of dive they facilitate isn’t really about looking at the fine detail hoping to find cool macro critters, it’s about the ride and enjoying the reef as you zoom past it. You don’t need to have a DPV specialty certification in order to use these scooters but we can arrange that for you while here on island if you like. If you are confident enough to take them out without an instructor then we’ll give you a full rundown as to how to use them then off you go, just remember to hold on tight!

Not a certified diver? ~ Those who would like to scuba dive, but are not certified divers have a few choices. Discover Scuba Diving sessions allow you to experience the underwater world without getting certified, and a minimum of time and expense. For those who want to get certified, the open water class is quick and easy. 

Certified divers ~ If you are a certified diver, expand your knowledge base, by getting certified in Advanced Open Water, Nitrox or any number of distinctive specialties. Want a real satisfying course? Consider becoming a certified rescue diver.

Kids & Families Scuba Diving ~ Training for younger divers is offered year round and includes PADI Seals, Rangers, Junior Open Water, Adventure and Advanced Certification courses. Kids dive courses are taught by certified Instructors who have additional training in emergency response and care for children. We can plan their schedules to run as 1/2 day sessions while the parents are doing something else like taking part in one of our 2-tank boat trips or structure courses that fit in with other vacation plans. Kids can also participate in many adventure dives such as navigation, photography, Marine ID, Coral ID and awareness.

Freediving ~ From intro through advanced, expand your horizons by learning techniques to improve your bottom time, safety, skills, techniques or depths. Options include experience half days, freedive buddies and full certification courses. 

Technical Training ~ Divetech offers a large variety of technical and sidemount diving to try out. Get certified on, or find tanks and gases to support your technical diving. With shallow reefs for skills and drills, warm water for long dive times and sheer walls close to shore, you’ll enjoy the experience of technical diving with us. 

Rebreather Training ~ Are you ready to take the plunge? Getting certified on a Rebreather could not be easier than at Divetech, with full support for most all rebreathers on the market, rebreather training can be completed in 3 – 6 days. Already a rebreather diver? Divetech offers normoxic and hypoxic trimix training as well. 

Photography  ~ Improve your underwater photography and video skills in small group sessions with our in-house photo pros. For divers and photographers of all levels, with any camera system, you can begin to see improvement in your underwater imaging with just one day. 

More diving questions? Pop us an email or visit Divetech

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